Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roofing Wilmington NC and Easter NC. Excel roofing provides all types of commercial roofing services. We are a residential and commercial roofing contractor with qualified teams of roofing professionals.

Commercial roof replacement Wilmington & Easter NC
Commercial Roof Replacement Wilmington NC

Commercial metal roof replacements: We can replace the existing metal roof on your building with little or no disturbance to tenants. Replacing a commercial metal roof has to be done with planning and a great deal of organization. Every roof is different and every roofs has it’s challenges. Only with planning and organization can a commercial metal roof be replaced with zero accidents or incidents.

Commercial roof recover: We can recover old metal and flat rubber roofs with new metal roofs or new rubber membrane and still keep the integrity of the whole roofing envelope. It requires knowledge and an engineering background helps with planning a roof recover. Is important to take into account the amount of moisture trapped under the old roof to install a proper roof recover. Moisture can be eliminated with a proper ventilation system that will allow the trapped moisture to evaporate safely.

Commercial roof repairs: We can repair the existing metal roof or flat rubber roof on your building and stop those pesky leaks.

Commercial roof maintenance program: We can check your roof twice a year and perform minor repairs for a flat yearly fee.

Commercial roof inspection: We can inspect and make recommendations with a detailed written report and pictures



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