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Wood Roofing Types

Rough Cedar Shakes

Wood shake roofing is one of the types of roofing systems that requires expert knowledgeable personnel to remove and install the perfect roof that will last for the next 50 years. Wood shakes require special metal flashings on valleys, dormers, chimneys and any other place that the roof may have a transition.

Cedar Shingles

Special metal flashings for these roofs can range from painted steel, painted aluminum, stainless steel or copper. Ideally these roofs should be installed metal flashings that will last as long as the roof and that is why we recommend that cedar shakes should be installed with copper flashings and stainless steel nails. Yes, initially, these upgrades will increase the cost of the roof replacement, However, on the long run you will same time and money by not having to pay for expensive repairs because the metal flashings or the roofing nails are failing.

All the above-mentioned wood roofing panels work perfectly when installed by a roofing contractor with knowledge and dedication to the roofing trade.

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