We own rental properties in Wilmington and were referred to Sady at Excel Roofing by a friend who is also a property manager. He was very communicative throughout the process. He documented the entire job with photos from start to finish. His attention to detail and workmanship are impressive. I would highly recommend Excel Roofing to anyone.

—Paige Lieske

—MindSight,  LLC

Welcome to call me for a reference.

I live out in Rocky Point, NC and needed a roofer to come out after our last storm. called three companies they wanted anywhere from $1200to $2300 to fix my leaks. So I found this company on Craigslist Sady answered on the 3rd ring and set up a appointment for the next day and was prompt, very professional, and courteous. He performed an inspection and quoted me $500 to fix it all. The work was done in a day and looks great and really done a lot of work for the money. He also took pictures of the damage caused by the storm for my Insurance company and emailed me them the same day. Since then I have referred multiple families to him and each family I spoke to said the same thing my wife and I said. He was a blessing for us especially right now in this day and time. My wife isn’t working right now so not only did I get a great price but being in the building industry myself we received the highest quality of workmanship. I would highly recommend him to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. You are welcome to call me for a reference.

Best Regards,

—Jim Cottle

He and his crew did a great job

After I had gotten a couple estimates a friend of mine a construction contractor suggested I contact Sady Escalante at Excel Roofing to install a metal roof on my mobile home and shed. Thant was the best thing that I did. His prices were comparable and he went over everything with me and we settled on a date for installation. He and his crew arrived exactly at the specified time and it seemed his crew knew exactly what their job was and went right to it. He Noticed my 2 skylights needed replacing and did those beautifully. A few months after I was concerned that I might have some leak in my shed so I called Sady & he came out that same day, inspected it & took pictures of e ceiling inside & said he would be back in 2 weeks to see if there will be any difference. Apparently I had not noticed some stains in the ceiling before they applied the new roof. He did came by in 2 weeks and everything is OK. He and his crew did a great job of installing the roof and clean up after. I would highly recommend him for any roofing job. May God continue to bless this young man, Sady, in all his endeavors.

—Mrs. Helene Chapin

Love their Proffesionalism

Roof was stripped, Wood replaced, underlayment replaced and Shingles plus Ridge Vents and capping done. All of this was done between 9:30am to 5pm. We are VERY pleased with the prompt service and Quality work performed by this company…. They were the ONLY ONES that followed up on the estimate and finished product. We would HIGHLY Recommend this company for ANY roofing work that you need done…

We were given an estimate … In detail .. Then when they were given the go-ahead ..They were here the very next day, prepared and on the job. What amazed me was, they hand-nailed every single Shingle… Not with nail guns. Now THATS Quality work right there… and the site was Spotless when they finished. They came in @ 9:30am and was completed and cleaned up by 5pm. The ridge vents and new sky-light was a Pleasing PLUS …. I would Highly recommend this company to ANYONE …. Love their Professionalism. …..

–Mr. Hoffman

Thank You Sady

Thanks Sady and Excel Roofing for your quick response, outstanding professionalism and concern. My parents are in their 80’s, still living in their home for many years. I went home for Christmas and found my parents sitting in the living room with a bucket of water leaking from the ceiling after a very hard rain. Excel roofing was referred to us the same day. After having other companies in the past give us quotes we were very skeptical. I made the call that evening and talked with Sady. He came over the next day. He checked the roof himself, quoted us a great price and started the job. My parents are so pleased and so are we. What a great Company!!!!

—Peggy G.

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