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A new metal roof is a great option when thinking about replacing your existing asphalt shingle roof in Wilmington, NC because metal roofs are resistant to impact, fire and wind.  Metal roofs can be energy efficient, clean, maintenance free and reliable during tropical storms. New metal roofing systems can be installed over existing shingles, saving you money and helping the environment by keeping the old asphalt shingles from the landfill. However we recommend removing the old shingles and recycling them at the local recycling centers in Wilmington, NC.

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Metal roofs are available in four distinctive styles for residential applications.

The first one is the 5V metal roofing panel.  These metal roofing panels are 24 inches wide and are attached to the roof deck with exposed fasteners, typically, every 24 inches.  5V roofing panels are manufactured in a rainbow of colors and our favorite,  the acrylic coated galvalume. The acrylic coated galvalume panels look like bare metal but have a clear coating to protect  them from harsh environmental conditions.

The second panel is the corrugated metal panel  ( RibLoc or MasterRib ).  These panels are 36 inches wide and are attached to the roof deck with exposed fasteners every 24 inches.  Like the 5V panels, these panels come in a wide range of colors and the acrylic coated galvalume.

The third one is the standing seam metal panel and this panel is attached to the roof with concealed clips and fasteners, typically, every 18 to 24 inches.  These panels come on a wide range of colors and different types of metals such as painted steel, painted and bare aluminum and bare copper. The substantial differences between the standing seam panels and the two previous ones is that the fasteners on these panels are concealed and they are manufactured on a wide range of metals.

The fourth  is the stone coated metal roofing system. This type of metal roofing system is designed to have the appearance of shingles, slate, tile or wood shakes. Usually these roofing panels are 14 inches by 50 inches wide and the panels interlock which means no exposed fasteners giving them a more realistic look.

Any  of these metal roofing panels will protect  your house from extreme weather conditions and make it aesthetically pleasant.  These metal roofs are great options when properly installed,  ventilation requirements and fastener spacing  taken into account.

By Sady Escalante

Vice President

Excel Roofing Company

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