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Metal Roof in Carolina Beach NC

Excel Roofing Company is a metal roofing contractor in Wilmington NC providing residential and commercial metal roofs in a wide variety of designs to complement your home or business. Your  metal roof can be a traditional standing seam profile, or be manufactured to resemble wood shake, slate shingles or clay tiles. A metal roofing system is a good investment in Wilmington, NC because metal roofs when properly installed can withstand high winds better than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Moreover, standing seam metal roofs are virtually maintenance free and usually last a lifetime and come in a wide variety of colors.

Contact Us to schedule an onsite metal roofing project evaluation so we can give you a free professional metal roofing estimate keeping in mind all the relevant items such as attic ventilation, chimney flashings, vent pipes, proximity to the ocean, and budget.

Homeowners in Wilmington NC and surrounding counties keep choosing Excel Roofing Company as their metal roofing contractor because we design each metal roofing project with the upmost attention to details and when is time to install your metal roof we’ll have personnel dedicated to the task at hand until the job is completed and the last screw is in place.

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Multy-Rib or Master Rib Roofing panels. These roofing panels come in 26 and 29 gauge galvalume steel and are installed with exposed fasteners every 24 inches. with Master Rib roofing panels you have the option to pick from about 30 colors and the paint finish warranty from the manufacturer is 40 years.

5-V roofing panels have a more classic look and these panels come in 24 gauge, 26 gauge and 29 gauge galvalume steel  and are installed with exposed fasteners every 24 inches. 5-V roofing panels come in about 20 different colors and with a 40 year manufacturer paint finish warranty.

Metal roofing Wilmington NC
Aluminum Roof in Wilmington NC

Standing seam roofing panels are the standard in high quality metal roofing systems. These panels are designed in a wide variety of widths and seam with different types of metals including  the galvalume steel, aluminum, and copper. The Galvalume Steel and aluminum come on about 20 different colors with 30, 35, and 40 year manufactures paint warranties depending on the paint finish. The copper standing seam panels are timeless and only get better with time.

Stone Coated, Such as Decra, metal that looks like tile, shingle or slate come in wide variety of colors and have a 50 year warranty.  These metal roofing panels are installed with concealed roofing fasteners to keep the aesthetics of the metal roofing panels.

All the above mentioned metal roofing panels work perfectly when installed by a roofing contractor with the knowledge and dedication to the roofing trade.

At Excel Roofing Company, we have dedicated metal roofing crews that will install your next roof to the utmost attention to detail and professionalism.  Contact us today online at our website by filling the online form or by phone at and one of our professional roofing estimators will contact you without delay.

Metal roofs are sturdier than shingles and will last longer than aspahlt shingles when installed by a professional roofing contractor. Every small detail will either make or brake a roofing system when faced with extreme weather conditions.

The following questions should be asked when interviewing roofing contractors:

How long is your workmanship warranty?

What type of underlayment will you use on my roof?

How long will it take to complete the metal roof?

Have you installed a metal roof in town recently and if so, can I contact the homeowners for a reference?

How are you planning on ventilating the attic space under my roof?

Will you replace any damged wood before installing the new metal roof?

Will I have to give you money upfront for the new metal roof?

What type of pipe flashings will you use on my roof?

Do you have workers comp. and general liability insurance and if so, can your insurance agent email me your insurance certificates.

The more questions the better because a good roofing contractor will not hesitate to answer these or any other questions that you may have.

We have seen and worked on all types of metal roofs and have the experience and knowledge to replace or repair your existing roof.

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