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Replacing the existing skylights on your home should always be done by a skylight specialist because if not done correctly it can became a costly repair once water gets into the insulation, drywall, and furniture inside your home. At Excel Roofing Company, we install Velux Skylights with a no leak warrantee. We go above and beyond to ensure that the new skylight is installed properly using ice and water shield around it to make sure that even if 20 years from now the metal around the skylight fails the ice and water shield will serve as a second layer of protection. Ideally , the time to replace an skylight is when the existing roof is replaced, however, We understand that that’s not always the case and the skylight have to be replace rather sooner than later. Here is a list of skylight options:


Tunnel skylights that can bring extra light to a bathroom , closet, hallways or anyplace in your home that may need extra light.  This type of skylight looks like a light fixture inside your home.

The curb mounted skylight that is installed over a 2—4 frame build by the installer.

The deck mounted skylight that is installed directly into the roof deck and the skylight comes with  white wood molding and frame from the factory.


The roof window skylight is an ideal option for vaulted ceilings. this type of skylight can be opened from the inside manually or electronically with a remote control powered by sunlight.

All of the previously mentioned skylights can be installed with blinds that are controlled manually or electronically with a remote control powered by sunlight.

Velux skylights come with many different glassing options including the following:

Laminated glass, Tempered glass, Impact glass, White laminated glass, Miami-Dade glass, Snow load  glass.

Contact us today 910-685-7102 and one of our skylight specialist will come over to your house and measure the existing skylight opening and provide you with a complementary estimate.

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